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The Forch Calendar 2022 is ready for your workshop

Every year we bring out the Forch calendar to help our customers plan the year ahead. This year is no different and we have three different calendars for you to choose from. There is something for everyone here so take a look and see which one grabs your fancy.

If you’d like to get your hands on one these calendars then simple spend over $100 dollars with Forch Australia and you’ll receive the calendar absolutely free.

Forch Desk Top Jotter Calendar 2022

Forch Desk Top Jotter

Plan all your important dates with our desk top jotter. Lots of tear away sheets and a handy plastic base to hold everything together.

Forch Landscape Calendar 2022

Forch Calendar landscapes

Showcasing some of the great locations where Forch operates. Here are 12 stunning landscape photographs from around the globe.

Forch Ladies Calendar 2022

For the boys

The female form in all it’s glory. 12 ladies to help you remember the important dates of your year.

Forch Male Calendar 2022

For the girls

A selection of shirtless hunks to help plan out the months ahead.

How do i get my Forch calendar?

That’s easy! Simply place an order over $100 and you’ll get the calendar for free. If you have a local rep you can find their details here or if you’re a new customer head over to our contact page and give us a call or send an email.

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Disinfectant Spray, Paper Towel and Safety Gloves

Get ready to open your doors with a hospital grade disinfectant spray. It’s great to see Australia heading back to a somewhat normal life again. With our road map now laid out business’s can start welcoming customers back in small numbers.

Investing in a good hygiene pack can go a long way to making sure your doors stay open and your customers stay safe. Over recent weeks we’ve been helping local business’s achieve this by supplying a hygiene pack of disinfectant spray, paper towel and safety gloves.

The staff at Woodlands Family Practice using Forch disinfectant spray.
The staff at Woodlands Family Practice using Forch disinfectant spray.

The disinfectant spray comes in a 20 Litre container that easily fits in your reception or office area. It has a 10:1 ratio which means a little goes a long way. You can quickly fill up multiple spray bottles for your staff to have on hand to disinfect as they go.

Disinfectant spray needs a strong paper towel

A domestic paper towel doesn’t really stand up to the job with the amount of cleaning needed. We have big rolls of blue paper towel that are 2 ply with a 1000 sheets. Rolls are pre-perforated with reinforced edges that can be attached to a wall holder or floor stand. The stronger material removes tough stains easily. Combined with the hospital grade disinfectant you’re tackling hygiene head on.

Paper towel for use with disinfectant spray - attach to wall holder or floor stand.
Paper towel for use with disinfectant spray – attach to wall holder or floor stand.

Add an extra layer of protection with our Nitrile safety gloves

Safety gloves add that extra layer of protection and give peace of mind to your customers that you’re following good hygiene practice. Orangagrip gloves are heavy duty, textured for a powerful grip, ambidextrous and are powder & latex free. They don’t tear when dry and can last a full day before the need to replace.

The grip has proved to be especially useful in transactions with customers and equipment cleaning as it stops slipping when cleaning with spray.

They also help the environment as we donate 50c from every box sold to the Orangutan Foundation International Australia

Forch Orangagrip Nitrile Safety Gloves perfect partner for cleaning with disinfectant spray
Forch Orangagrip Nitrile Safety Gloves

How do I get the hygiene pack?

Our sales reps can come and visit your premise to see what will work for you best. A visit costs you nothing and depending on what you buy we discount the price to give you a more affordable package. Visit our team page, type your suburb into the search box and your local reps contact details will be displayed.

If you don’t need a visit and what to order straight away call 08 9303 9113 and we’ll get the order out to you the same day or the next morning.

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Forch Orangagrip Nitrile Gloves

Update: New stock arriving soon! Pre-Order today!

Action shot of Forch Orangagrip Nitrile Gloves

The new Forch Orangagrip nitrile gloves have landed! These heavy duty gloves are textured for a powerful grip, have an ambidextrous design and are powder & latex free. With a chemical resistance that stops tearing when dry this new range is a must have.

How long do Orangagrip Nitrile Gloves last?

Standard Nitrile gloves are usual thrown away after being used on one job. Orangagrip are durable and can be washed and used for a full days work.

Does electrical tape stick to them?

No. This makes life easier for you when working. You can use tape as needed and not have to remove your gloves each time.

Are they chemical resistant?

Yes. If used for spray painting with thinners, they won’t dry out and won’t tear.

You can order you gloves through your sales rep. Simply head over to our team page, type in your suburb and your reps details will be presented. If you’d like to speak to us for more information, please click the call us link at the top of the page or head over to our contact page.

Nitrile gloves that help a good cause

Not only do these gloves come with a great set of features, they’re contributing to a wildlife cause that can help make a big difference.

As a company we’ve always tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible. However we wanted to do more and become active contributors to a worthy cause.

It came to our attention that latex gloves, which happened to be one of our biggest sellers, were a direct threat to the habitat of Orangutans due to deforestation. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to take action. We created Orangagrip nitrile gloves. Latex free with a powerful textured grip. This was a step in the right direction but we wanted to do more.

After some research we found our friends at the Orangutan Foundation International Australia. They support the conservation, protection, and understanding of orangutans and their rainforest habitat in Borneo. This was a great project would could help support.

To celebrate the release of Orangagrip nitrile gloves we’re delighted to announce that we will donate 50c from every sale to the OFIA to help contribute to the great conservation work they do.

About Orangutan Foundation International (OFIA) Australia

OFI Australia has two core campaigns; caring for orphaned and displaced orangutans at the OFI Care Centre and Quarantine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo; and, securing habitat for their future release.

By supporting OFI Australia you are helping to preserve orangutans, along with the other endangered, threatened, displaced or vulnerable species of wildlife that share their tropical rainforest habitat.

Specifically, your support will help us to:

  • Care for and rehabilitate more than 330 orphaned orangutans and other endangered wildlife at our Care Centre and Quarantine facility, and ensure their successful return to the wild,
  • Maintain Camp Leakey and its scientific research,
  • Patrol more than one million acres of forest habitat to prevent illegal logging, mining, poaching, and encroachment by palm oil plantations,
  • Restore degraded forest areas through tree planting, and protect orangutan habitat through land purchases,
  • Support conservation outreach and education, and
  • Protect the world’s largest remaining wild orangutan population from extinction.

If you’d like to make a donation or help contribute to the OFIA please visit their website.

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Forch Sanitary Products

Forch have a full range of sanitary products including hand gel, hand cleaner, hygiene spray, air fresheners, toilet cleaners and cleaning treatments. Our products will ensure your workplace is of the highest standard for your staff, customers and visitors.

There has never been a better time to take precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of your employees and clients. The advice of the World Health Organisation is to maintain good hand hygiene by washing your hands and utilising an alcohol-based sanitiser. We have the perfect range of products to choose from to make sure your business has all it needs to provide a germ free environment.

Take care of your hands with Forch sanitary products

Which sanitary products does my workplace need?

Clean hands are essential in keeping your workplace healthy and hygienic, but every business is different. Whether you’re working with machinery or dealing with clients your choice of products will need to reflect your work life. Below we showcase our range of sanitary products to help you choose the perfect solution for your business.

Forch Hand Gel Sanitiser

Hand Gel Sanitiser

Perfect to have on your desk or reception are for client use. This alcohol-based hand cleaner that removes and neutralizes unhygienic contaminations.

Forch Hygiene Spray

Hygiene Spray

A great all-round sanitiser usable wherever a fast and hygienic cleaning is required, on door handles, toilet seats, etc. Spray area liberally and wipe with a dry and clean cloth afterwards

Derma Top Hand Cleaner

Derma Top Hand Cleaner

Hand cleaner for strong dirt contamination use with a little water to remove tough oil adn grease. This cleaner has a pH-value: 6 and prevents skin irritations through moisturizing substances.

Derma kraft cleaning wipes from the Forch sanitary products range

Derma Kraft Cleaning Wipes

A practical resealable bucket dispenser, the derma wipes remove any dirt adhering to hands or surfaces quickly and thoroughly. Wipes contain vitamin E and aloe vera.

Forch Derma Plus Barrier Hand Foam

Derma Plus Barrier Hand Foam

Prevents the contamination of hands with paints, PU-material, adhesives. The Silicone-free waterproof foam protects the skin against aggressive agents such as solvents, alkalis, oils etc. Protects the skin for approx. 4-5 hours.

Forch Turbo Fresh Freshening Spray

Turbo Fresh Spray

Neutralises all types of unpleasant smells in just a few seconds with a quick spray. Ideal for large warehouses, sanitary facilities, gyms and changing rooms, waste disposal businesses, and car interiors.

Air conditioner cleaning set from the Forch sanitary products range

Air Con Cleaning Set

Let’s not forget your car! This set deodorises against unpleasant smells, removes odours caused by mould and leaves a pleasant citrus odour.

Forch Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

For disinfection of surfaces to kill bacteria and virus contamination.

Ordering sanitary products and getting more information

For more information about ordering these products for your business, you can contact your local sales representative over on our team page, simply type in your suburb and your local rep will be displayed. Alternatively please give us a call using the link at the top of this page, or come in and visit us at any of our warehouse locations.

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The Forch Shop is Coming!

We’re delighted to announce that the Forch shop will be opening this year

Located at Forch HQ, 2 Forward Street, Gnangara, it will showcase a selection of our products, including a tool display, DIN & Standard Parts and a wide range of our exclusive range.

One of the main reasons for opening the Forch shop, was to create a space for our new and existing customers to visit and become part of the Forch community. A place where people can see our products and discuss how they can benefit their business.

We’ll be posting more updates on our facebook and instagram accounts so be sure to check them out to stay up-to-date.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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DPF Cleaner Online Special

Forch Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

DPF cleaner is essential for your safety

DPF cleaner can help with the common problem of diesel vehicles over 3 years old stopping whilst driving. Short slow journeys can cause your vehicle harm. Preventative maintenance could be the difference of happy motoring or a break down! Diesel Particulate Filter cleaner is the perfect preventative to stop this happening to you.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) often gets clogged from soot due to extensive urban driving. Forch DPF cleaner is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The DPF Power Cleaner is engineered to help the regeneration of the DPF System. Regular use of this product as maintenance reduces downtime of your diesel engine vehicle.

Protect your vehicle with Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner.

DPF is a highly effective cleansing foam for the treatment of soot and carbon deposits in diesel particulate filter systems of cars and transporters. This preventative treatment reacts with carbonaceous combustion residues and solves them. Find out more about DPF by looking through our online catalogue

This product is essential for your car so we’re offering this online Western Australia only special to you. Each can is now only $9.99! This is the lowest price on the market for DPF cleaner. Secure yours today while stocks last.

To get your special offer send us an email with your name and phone number and we’ll get your special ready. If you’re interested in looking at any of our other products, then check out our products page, or get in touch with your local sales rep to come out and see you.

Get my offer

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