We only sell to traders


a Franchisee

We make it easy to get started through our 5 step process:

  • Franchise Application
  • Select your Territory
  • Pay refundable deposit
  • Review the legal documents
  • Sign & start

Step 1
Complete the Forch Franchise Application form and cover off your questions.

Step 2
Decide on the Territory you want and possible location of your business premises.

Step 3
Pay the deposit to show your commitment and take your Territory off the market. This deposit is refundable (less costs) if you do not proceed. Otherwise it is offset against your purchase price when you finalise the purchase.

Step 4
We send you 4 legal documents to review with your Lawyer and financial adviser: 1. Franchise Agreement (with Territory map) 2. Disclosure Document 3. Information Statement for Franchisees 4. Franchising Code of Conduct Under the Franchising laws you are entitled to take at least 14 days to review these documents before making any decisions to go ahead.

Step 5
Once you are happy with the documents and have received your professional advice, you sign up, pay the agreed amount (less the deposit paid). We then wait 7 days as you are entitled to a cooling off period and once that expires we then we start organising your training in Germany and other things necessary to get you operational.

For more information on Forch Australia franchises simply:

  • Call us now on (08) 9303 9113
  • Email us at franchise@forch.com.au; or
  • Fill in our online Expression of Interest form