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The fingers on the pulse.

Your direct way to the world of our products.

FÖRCH’s E-Business-solutions aim to create for you in a very short time an income-statement related additional value with regard to information, communication and transaction by making use of the digital information technologies.

Upon request, you can also have access for your purchasing department by Web and Smartphone App – at any time - 24/7. Clearly structured, only a few clicks of the mouse and you are at the article you had been looking for – and you have access to all important product data in the latest form. Numerous integrated functions, such as approval workflow, order forms, delivery address management or tool and account management help you with an easy and efficient order handling. What is very comfortable, fast and safe, the FÖRCH Webshop can be used for orders via scanner system – and your order comes to us with just a keystroke and will be executed immediately.

E-Procurement: Customized solutions.

On request we can, of course, support your electronic purchasing process also with a customized E-Procurement solution. The requested product data are then at your disposal in the standard formats like BMEcat and classification according to eCl@ss, UNSPSC or in E-Procurement-portals. The customer-specific processing of the data is self-evident for us.