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Manual Stretch Films


  • For rapid packaging without cutting or sticking
  • Different items are packaged, bundled, protected and secured
  • Handy type, manual dispenser ensures comfortable processing
  Art. No. Art. Description QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
RO(150M)MAN.STRETCH FILM 100MM 5444 100 RO(150M)MAN.STRETCH FILM 100MM Roll e 40
RO(300M)MAN.STRETCH FILM 500MM 5444 500 RO(300M)MAN.STRETCH FILM 500MM Roll e 6
RO(250M)MAN.STRE.FI.BK 500MM 5444 500 3 RO(250M)MAN.STRE.FI.BK 500MM Roll e 6