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Masking Fine Crepe Paper - Adhesive Tapes


  • masking tape for the automobile industry
  • can be removed without residues
  • can stand wet grinding and filler contact

    • Technical data
      Adhesive:Natural rubber
      Carrier material:crepped paper
      Total strength:0,130 mm
      Bond strength on steel:2 N/cm
      Tensile strength:36 N/cm
      Elongation at break:8 %
      Temperature resistance:100 °C
      Art. No. Art. Description QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
    RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.15MM 5440 15 RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.15MM Roll e 15 l
    RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.19MM 5440 19 RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.19MM Roll e 12 p
    RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.25MM 5440 25 RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.25MM Roll e 9 x
    RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.30MM 5440 30 RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.30MM Roll e 8 q
    RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.38MM 5440 38 RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.38MM Roll e 6 D
    RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.50MM 5440 50 RO(50M)MASK.TAPE HEAT-RES.50MM Roll e 6 D