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PVC Packaging Tape Embossed


  • Adhesive packing tape made of embossed polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • High quality natural rubber adhesive
  • Lightly structured surface
  • Technical data
    Tape:Polyvinyl chloride (E-PVC) embossed
    Adhesive:Natural rubber
    Tape thickness:31 µm
    Total thickness:54 µm
    Adhesive strength / steel4.5 N / 25 mm
    Tear resistance:115 N / 25 mm
    Elongation at break:60 %
    Temperature resistance:up to 65 °C
    (with reference to backingtape)
  • Benefit / Value
    • High tear resistance in longitudinal direction
    • Very good transverse
    • Stretching
    • Insensitive to moisture
    • Easy to work with thanks to structured surface rolls out particularly quickly and easily
  • Usage
    • For sealing light to medium-weight packaging boxes
    • Carpentry / Joinery work