We want what’s best for our customers

The Forch Philosophy

Forch Australia aligns itself with our customers, we want what’s best for them. “Do It Right”.

Too many suppliers in the market are all about profit, Forch want customer satisfaction, we have asked what the client wants, the same reply each time, Quality, Service, Trust, No Overstocking and Fixed Low Price. For years we’ve been told you can only have 2 of these in any given transaction but Forch deliver on all five.

We feel if we give our best of everything going then we will continue to grow in this massive market place.

Consumables are essential in the workshop environment, so many suppliers trying to sell products and so many choices, it seems not one supplier asks or understands what the client wants? They just try and sell!

Forch are experts in workshop consumables and engineering supplies
Skilled staff with expert knowledge in workshop consumables and automotive tools

We understand our clients needs

Forch understand the needs and cater for the “wants” and remove the headaches from procurement of products.

The hidden cost of ordering products and processing invoices is very costly, time is money, being disturbed several times a day/week stops the productivity in the workshop and so many invoices being processed ties up the accounts department for many hours. Forch work for you and take away the headaches of dealing with too many suppliers.

What we offer

  • One Stop Shop
  • Quality Products
  • Storage Systems on Loan
  • One invoice per week
  • Low Prices
  • Min/Max Agreed Stock Holding
  • Fixed Pricing Agreements
  • Fast Delivery
  • Expert Advice

If you’d like to find out how Forch can help you get in touch with us today.