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Forch have a full range of sanitary products including hand gel, hand cleaner, hygiene spray, air fresheners, toilet cleaners and cleaning treatments. Our products will ensure your workplace is of the highest standard for your staff, customers and visitors.

There has never been a better time to take precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of your employees and clients. The advice of the World Health Organisation is to maintain good hand hygiene by washing your hands and utilising an alcohol-based sanitiser. We have the perfect range of products to choose from to make sure your business has all it needs to provide a germ free environment.

Which sanitary products does my workplace need?

Hand Gel Sanitiser
Perfect to have on your desk or reception are for client use. This alcohol-based hand cleaner that removes and neutralizes unhygienic contaminations.

Hygiene Spray
A great all-round sanitiser usable wherever a fast and hygienic cleaning is required, on door handles, toilet seats, etc. Spray area liberally and wipe with a dry and clean cloth afterwards

Derma Top Hand Cleaner
Hand cleaner for strong dirt contamination use with a little water to remove tough oil adn grease. This cleaner has a pH-value: 6 and prevents skin irritations through moisturizing substances.

Derma Kraft Cleaning Wipes
A practical resealable bucket dispenser, the derma wipes remove any dirt adhering to hands or surfaces quickly and thoroughly. Wipes contain vitamin E and aloe vera.

Derma Plus Barrier Hand Foam
Prevents the contamination of hands with paints, PU-material, adhesives. The Silicone-free waterproof foam protects the skin against aggressive agents such as solvents, alkalis, oils etc. Protects the skin for approx. 4-5 hours.

Turbo Fresh Spray
Neutralises all types of unpleasant smells in just a few seconds with a quick spray. Ideal for large warehouses, sanitary facilities, gyms and changing rooms, waste disposal businesses, and car interiors.

Air Con Cleaning Set
Let’s not forget your car! This set deodorises against unpleasant smells, removes odours caused by mould and leaves a pleasant citrus odour.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant
For disinfection of surfaces to kill bacteria and virus contamination.

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